Welcome to the More Than Baseball Professional Development program. Over the next 4 weeks you will work with experts in the field of professional development, job training, and career growth to maximize your impact off the field. 

Modules will start with the basics: Setting a direction, finding your passions, building a resume, writing a cover letter. Then you’ll be given a crash course in marketing your skills as an athlete to non-athletic jobs, a workshop on crushing an interview and learning to speak about yourself, and finally a world-class mentorship program in the field of your choice.

We’re so excited to have you on board and to go on this journey with you. 

Your guide throughout this process will be Caleb Mezzy, our resident expert on athlete professional development.

Caleb Mezzy

Caleb Mezzy

Founder, Grit & Glue, Associate Professor at Neumann University

Caleb is a teacher and a coach. His teaching relies on mistakes to spur development. He has experience leading close to 100 professional athletes to find their passions off the field, while also making them better men on the field. 

His intent is to teach young professionals to do things the right way, to inspire and motivate while providing widespread positive impact.


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Assessment and Introduction to the Program
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Skill Building Module 1: Building your Identity
Skill Building Module 2: Leveraging your Goals and Using Baseball to your Advantage
Skill Building Module 3: Strategic Storytelling
Skill Building Module 4: Finding and Utilizing Mentors